Sectors we cater to


We bring comfort right to your abode. In the fast-moving world where everything is available with a click of a button, there is nothing more precious than time. Our residential lifts are designed to save people’s golden hours by ensuring fast, safe, and responsive vertical transportation. Our elevators are consciously designed with cutting-edge integrated panels for a soft and smooth start and are fully-equipped with the latest safety technology. We make sure apart from pleasant conversations, you also have an elevating experience while taking our comfort ride. From lighting, colors, flooring to new-age digital indications, we customize our designs to suit your residence or building's architecture.


Workspaces are dynamic and need design and planning to suit people’s needs. At Evaan Elevators, our vertical mobility solutions for office spaces cater to all scales. We take the utmost care in ensuring people continue to enjoy a relaxed and safe ride during rush hours. With contemporary power-saving technology, our elevators optimize efficiency during peak times and save energy consumption when the usage is minimal. Along with comfort and safety, building the right atmosphere for the people is our priority. We have an array of designer doors, digital indications, floor tiles to suit the building’s mood and structure.


For Hospitals, you need elevators that are extremely swift, reliable, and functional round the clock. With medical staff on their toes 24*7, we consider it our responsibility to make sure the lifts make the hospital operations easier and provide the needed comfort and safety to the patients, staff as well as visitors. Our Stretcher Lifts are meticulously designed for smooth movement of patients, patient beds, and medical equipment. We offer a bouquet of load capacities and car sizes to suit contemporary health architecture. Our innovative door sensors, special control options for emergency services, all backed by years of experience make our elevator the perfect choice for all kinds of medical centers.

Shopping Complex

Ambience can light up the customer’s mood in a jiffy. At Evaan Elevators, we aim to maximize customer retention and perception by providing elite designer elevators. We are fully equipped with contemporary design needs to create a unique and attractive atmosphere for our customers. The cars are available in a choice of dully spray-painted body, powder-coated, or a stainless-steel design with the hairline, mirror, honeycomb, or moonrock finish. We use avant-garde gearless machines, encoders, and integrated drives for power saving. With a variety of digital indications, flooring, and door designs to choose from, we can elevate the customer’s experience threefold with our elevators.


Our robust design mechanism for freight elevators is built on years of R&D and innovation. At Evaan Elevators, you get freight lifts engineered for a load capacity of up to 5000 kgs. From factories and shopping malls to warehouses and commercial complexes, our engineers work in all directions to provide a seamless vertical transportation experience to our clients and ensure the heavy-load goods are moved smoothly and safely to the destination. Our leading-edge traction freight elevators come with the latest safety tools and power-saving options.