Revamping your old elevators with our cutting-edge design solutions

With technology evolving at the tick of the clock, it is vital to keep yourself updated. Aging lifts need care and attention to ensure the safety of the passengers. At Evaan Elevators, we provide reliable and eco-friendly modernization solutions with the latest design aesthetics. From providing a full replacement, to modular modernization, and component up-gradation, we customize our service portfolio according to the needs of our valued patrons.

Talk to our experts to decide on the degree of modernization

We train our experts to provide you with cost-effective and efficient solutions for modernization to help you get maximum output from the money invested. Some common questions that you must ask yourself before deciding on the degree of modernization are – age of the elevator? Is it equipped with the latest safety measures? Does it consume more energy? Do you get out-of-order complaints more often? Does it look obsolete and hampering the look of the building? These are quick starters to get a detailed understanding of the requirement.

Get Refurbishing done with the latest technology and design aesthetics

We take pride in delivering unparalleled solutions in revamping the elevators from the very beginning and bringing back the shine imbued with modernity and comfort. Whether it is reviving the existing components for functions like electrification, signalization, or movement of doors or installing new cutting-edge integrated drives and gearless technology to save power, we do it all. For design, we have an array of options, right from changing the shades of your car to installing brand-new digital indications, anti-skating tiles, LED lights, and more, to light up the passenger’s mood as they take the ride.